Using Triggers

Autopilot is a powerful automated email marketing feature that allows you to quickly create and send great looking and timely emails to the different customer types that visit your establishment.

Now you can finally send the right message to the right customer at the right time, rewarding loyalty and driving repeat business with Autopilot's pre-built templates. Current templates include:

1) Welcome Email - sent on the 1st visit as soon as your customer connects to the WiFi service.

2) Returning Customer Email - sent the 2nd time a customer returns to your establishment.

3) Loyal Customer Email - sent after a customer has visited your establishment 10 times. 

4) Lost Customer Email - sent after a customer has visited your establishment 2 times but has not re-visited for 30 days.

5) Customer Birthday Email - sent 14 days prior to the customers birthday.


The first thing you want to do is log in to your account and navigate to your TripAdvisor wifi dashboard. Once logged in to your dashboard, you will need to go to the Marketing tab and select autopilot.

The next step is to start designing the email which will be sent to your customers.  To help get you off to a flying start we have created a number of email templates that we recommend that you use. In the example below we're using the Loyal Customer template:

Once clicked this will bring you to this page showing you the loyal customer email template.

We recommend that you edit this email template to suit your needs and make it fit in with your brand in terms of color scheme and formatting. You can also add in pictures of your restaurants or choose from our free image library if you don't have anything to hand. We'd also recommend you upload your logo for your restaurant.
If you want to learn about the Autopilot editor in much greater detail then have a full user guide you can access to by clicking HERE

Please feel free to change and add as much as you want to make sure the email is a reflection of your brand as well as encapsulating the message you’re trying to send to your customers. It could be a simple thank you to them for returning, offering them a deal or perhaps a reward for their loyalty.

We do recommend that any text contained within {} such as {brand_name} and {first_name} is kept.  This will ensure that when the email is sent out, instead of 'brand-name' it will read as the name of your brand or restaurant e.g “Thanks so much for visiting Joey’s Pizza”.  {first_name} will also automatically change to name of the customer who you are emailing, giving each email a personal touch.

Once you have finished designing your email, such as the one down below, you will want to hit the save and exit button in the top right corner.

Once you hit the Save & Exit button you will then be prompted to select the type of template you have created and also give it a name as shown below

Once you've typed in a name for the template then click the Save button.

After you have pressed the save button it will take you back to the main Autopilot page. However, you will now see that your email template is listed under your the Your Emails section.

You will then need to define the parameters for your triggers. By clicking on the green text under Trigger Type it will load up a number of options dependant on the trigger you choose. In this example, we are selecting the Loyal Customer trigger.

Once clicked you will be presented with:

Select the number of visits that require a customer to be classed as Loyal. You can also change the subject line of the email if required. Once you are happy with your amendments press the Save button.

The final steps are to select and activate the email to be sent out to your customers. You will need to go to the trigger list and click on where it says Select - this will reveal a drop-down menu as shown below.

You will then want to select the email template you have just created so in this example you will want to select  Loyal Customer - Empire Steak House.  Once selected you should see a green tick to confirm that it's been selected.

The final step is turning the status from OFF to ON, so your page will look like the image below.

This will then start sending out the emails to the customers who have met the criteria for being a loyal customer.