Send a message blast campaign

The TripAdvisor WiFi Message Blast feature lets you instantly send email marketing messages to your customers about upcoming events, new menu launches, special promotions or anything else you have going on in your establishment. It's a great way to keep your customers up to date.


The first thing you want to do is log in to your TripAdvisor WiFi account. Once logged in to your dashboard, you will need to go to the Marketing tab and select Autopilot.

The next step is to start designing the email which will be sent to your customers.  To help get you off to a flying start we have created a number of email templates that we recommend that you use. 

In the example below we're choosing the  Loyal Customer template but for Message Blasts it doesn't matter which template you choose as you'll be changing the content of the email anyway.

Once clicked this will bring you to this page showing you the loyal customer email template.

We recommend that you edit this email template to suit your needs and make it fit in with your brand in terms of color scheme and formatting. You can also add in pictures of your restaurants or choose from our free image library if you don't have anything to hand. We'd also recommend you upload your logo for your restaurant.

We'd also recommend replacing the text with what you wish to promote such as up coming events, new menu launches, charity gigs or anything else you have going on in your establishment.

(If you want to learn about the Autopilot editor in much greater detail then have a full user guide you can access to by clicking  HERE)

Once you have finished designing your email, such as the one down below, you will want to hit the Save & Exit button in the top right corner.

Once you hit the  Save & Exit button you will then be prompted to select the type of template you have created and also give it a name as shown below.

You need to make sure you save this template type as Message Blast otherwise it won't show up when you try to send it out.

Once you've typed in a name for the template then click the  Save button.

After you have pressed the save button it will take you back to the main Autopilot page. However, you will now see that your email template is listed under your the  Your Emails section.

You'll next need to send your email out to your customers. Click on the Message Blast tab at the bottom of the page next to Autopilot.

Then click the New Message Blast button at the bottom.

This will load up a number of settings that can be changed prior to sending the message to ensure it gets to the right customers.

There are 4 sections that must be filled in before you can send - these are highlighted in red below:

1) Email Subject - This is the title of the email that will be sent out.
2) Select Email Template - Select the Message Blast template that you created earlier.
3) Delivery Date & Time - This is the date & time that the message will be sent.
4) Email Address - Enter an email address that that we will notify once the message has been sent.

The final step is to click the Schedule Message Blast button.

Your Message Blast is now ready to be sent at your selected day & time.


Remember if you get stuck at any time please look out for the help beacon in the bottom right corner of your TripAdvisor WiFi dashboard. It looks like this:


contact us directly via: